Psalms 139:8 (The Message Bible)

“Where is God?”

Everywhere in the world, you can find a so called God.  In Japan you will find places like a temple, a shrine, the top of a mountan or a very huge stone, where the people say “God is there”. But, let`s say, you are in the States and have a problem. How can the God in Japan help you? Whould it be then better to ask the God in the States for help? Or maybe, the Japanese God will ask for help “Hello, here is the Japanese God, could you please help a Japanese, who is in your country?” Anyway, if a God is only at one place, I think he is limited.

The Bible tells us, that God is the real ruler and there is only one God. And that the God of the Bible is not living at a specific place (even not in the church). This “only God” can be at any place in the world at the same time. The Bible tells us, that “he is filling the heavens and the earth”. This God has no limitations. Therefore he can help you when you are in the State or in Japan or anywhere.

The answer to the question “where is God”, is “God is everywhere”.