Because of the Corona Virus, we won`t have GT Sports until Oktober.
As soon as it will be possible to meet again, we will restart GT Sports.
Looking forward to seeing you then.

10 / 30(Sat) (planned)  pm 7 : 00 Open

After graduating from school, the opportunities to play basketball or do other sports will decrease. Don’t you miss the sound of a bouncing ball or the sound of shoes? Or maybe you want to give your kids, who really love sports, a chance to jump around? Why not come to the gym to play basketball or do sports together with us?

There is no cost and we meet at the gym of the “Inazawa junior high school” in Inazawa. (There are parking spaces at the gym)

We meet Sunday or Saturday nights 7p.m.9p.m. (1 or 2 times a month). There will also be a 5 minute Bible time. Even if you normally don`t have the chance to get to know the Bible or to listen to what Christians have to say, that will be a valuable time for you.