At AHC we have 2 Gospel choirs for kids and young adults                                                (Fridays, every second week)

  • HKC     (Hope kids choir)and  HYS25(Hope youth singers 25)
  • HKC     19:30-20:30is a kids choir for elementary school kids.
  • HYS25 20:30-21:30is a choir for junior high school kids up to young adults.

Each lesson costs 800 Yen.

Next lesson:   Sept.  4th and 18th

At AHC also a Gospel choirs for adults is practicing                                                        (Wednesdays, once a month)

  • HGC     (HOPE Gospel Choir)                                                                                                 get more informations at their facebook page  

The Gospel choir director is Mrs. Fumiko Iwata. As a professional Gospel singer, she has experience in a broad variety of activities. Everybody calls her “Sega-chan” and she is close to the kids. As a teacher she has a strong, clear voice, you are excited to listen to.

(It is also possible to take regular voice training lessons with Mrs. Iwata)

The beginning of Gospel music was to sing Bible (Good news/Gospel) verses. You listen to the Gospel songs, repeat them and they will become your own. Therefore, even at the training lessons, we often don`t have sheet music.

At HKC and HYS25 there will be an easy to understand 10 minute Bible session. You will have the chance to experience both, Gospel music and the Bible.

If you are interested, the first lesson will be free.

Please come and join us.