An international community that shares Love, Faith, HOPE through the Salvation of Jesus Christ

    • Salvation


      Salvation – which we can receive only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God


    • Love


      Love – for our creator God, for our neighbour and ourself


    • Faith


      Faith – in the savior Jesus Christ who gives us forgiveness of sins, justification and eternal life


    • Hope


      Hope – that through the Holy Spirit we become a new creation and live as Christians a completely new life


  • International Church

    International Church

    International Community – that shares Love, Faith and Hope in Inazawa (Aichi-Ken) until the ends of the earth

Words of invitation

You might have doubts and questions about life and ask yourself questions like these:

“Why is it like this?”or “How can that be?”

“What is the meaning of my life?”

“Where can I find true happiness?”

“Can my heart ever be satisfied?”

“Where do I come from and where am I going?”

The Bible tells us about a lot of people who have similar questions.

“What do I have to do to go to heaven?”

“Why do I have to suffer so much?”

“How can I be saved?”

“What is truth?”

The Bible has answers to our questions.

You will find answers at church.

Please come and join us.

We are waiting for you.


Yutaro & Naoko Masuda

My name is Yutaro Masuda. Since April 2019 I am the senior pastor of the Ai HOPE Church. My wife`s name is Naoko. We both work for spreading the word of Jesus Christ.  I worked as an advertising photographer. My wife worked in Okinawa for a dyeing company, that made Bingata (literally “red style”), an Okinawa traditional resist dyed cloth.
We both like photography, weaving, pottery und woodworking.
We are looking forward to meeting you.


Jörg & Dorothea Eymann

My name is Jörg Eymann and I am a pastor at AHC. My wife’s name is Dorothea. We came to Japan 21 years ago from Germany. We both are excited to share the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young Japanese generation. We both love sports and mountain climbing. We are looking forward to meeting you.