We will take precautions against the Corona Virus, and adjust our schedule in March: we will not serve food after Sunday Worship or at OPEN HOPE, we will have hand desinfectant at the entrances. We would like to ask you to wear a mask when coming. Let`s pray, that God may protect us and help in this serious situation.

4th Anniversary Celebration Service of AHC (April 15th)
Together with many guests and friends of the Ai HOPE Church 
we could celebrate the 4th birthday on April 15th, 2018.
We are so thankful for all the blessings we have received from 
Jesus during the last 4 Years. We are so blessed with people
and even more by the presence of our LORD, Jesus Christ.  
House Worship with a special guest (September 3rd)

On September 3rd a special guest joined the fellowship of Ai HOPE Church: Thomas Schech, the new director of the German Alliance Mission, brought greetings from Germany and gave an encouraging message about the love and unlimited power of God. We are very thankful for the good time we had together.

Waffle cafe (October 15th)

waffel-cafeAs every year, we opened the AHC for a waffle cafe during the “Inazawa Festival”.  We were blessed with great weather, nice people, delicious waffles,…. It was really fun chatting, eating and enjoying time with new and old friends.                  We are thankful that we could support the people at the Kumamoto earthquake area at least a little bit throught this carity waffle cafe.                                            __________________________________________________

German cooking and baking workshop (October 13th)

cooking-workshopThe AHC was filled with a great flavor of meat, bread and cookies. 4 people from Germany cooked together with us a very delicious German lunch with meat, mashpotatos and carots. In the evening we baked a potatobread and German cookies and enjoyed the meals and the fellowship. We also listened to Jesus word, who said “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone.’ ” Luke 4:4 (NIV)  Good food is important for our body, but we also need God`s word for your soul.                          __________________________________________________

Sign Dance Workshop  (June 12nd)

We had a really good time at the Sign Dance Workshop. Mizue Masuda from the “One Gospel Dance School” in Tokyo gave us a wonderful lesson in how to express the lyrics of the song “Hanamo (“Even Flowers”) by dancing.

Mizue-sensei, thank you so much for the great time!

Sign Dance Workshop June 2016

_____________________Mizue Masuda__________________________________________________
Celebration Service 2nd Birthday of AHC (April 17th)

Together with many friends and guests we could celebrate the 2nd Birthday of AHC. Thank you, Jesus, for all your blessings in the last two years! DSC03638-1DSC03624

 Cherry blossom Trip AHC (April 2nd)

We had really nice time going on a cherry blossom trip to Ikeda Mountain. Japan during spring, what a wonderful time!

Sakura Trip April 2016


New Year`s Eve Service and Party (Dec. 31st/Jan 1st)

Togehter with many guests we celebrated the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 praying and praising our heavenly father. HE will take care of us also in 2016!DSC03218DSC03220______________________________________________________________________________________

Christmas Worship and Party (Dec. 20th)

We had are really blessed time celebrating the birth of our Savior,

with many guests, energetic music and a challenging message.

Also Santa Claus came!

AHC trip  (Nov. 3nd)
What a challenge, what an experience, what a trip!!
God is awesome!

We experienced that it is true when God promises:

“Call on me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you,
and you will honor me.”   Psalms 50:15




Waffle Cafe (Oct. 17th)

Blue sky, delicious German waffles and lots of nice people around!

What a blessed time!


Sept.  21st:  BiG Day For the AHC:

Now we have a cross on the top of our Building!

Thank you, Jesus!


 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. ” (I Co 1:18)


BBQ, Sept. 12th!
Nice people, good food, warm fellowship!

09 15 BBQ Party (2)09 15 BBQ Party (15)09 15 BBQ Party (11)


On Saturday, July 25th, we had a wonderful Summer Party!



The AHC got a nice, new painting! We are really excited about it!

Newly painted


Building before painting

Building before painting